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Discussion in 'Site news and updates' started by Jeff, Jun 4, 2010.

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    Hey everyone,

    In my mind, one of the best parts of being part of a forum like ToyotaMinis is actually getting together and meeting (face to face) other members of the site. After all, hundreds of CustomTacos members have made lifelong friends that they've made through finally getting off the computer and meeting other enthusiasts.

    And, since there's been some great meets in the past few months, I decided that now would be a good time to create a specific Events area on the site to post these kinds of threads.

    For now, it will just be one area, but if it gets really busy, we may eventually split it into regions, just like we did on CustomTacos.

    So, get out there and attend or plan a meet-up in your area! Trust me, it'll be well worth your time to finally put faces with the usernames on here. :waytogo:

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