1983 2wd for sale

Discussion in 'Vehicles' started by Jon Ybarra, Jul 10, 2018.

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    1983 2wd
    I have been working on it and finally had it to where I want to drive it around, then I moved and I couldn't bring it with me.

    Runs awesome, might need a little tweaking, since it's been sitting since I left the state a few months ago. When I was driving it, it was strong and had extremely clean emissions.

    Located in Tucson, Az

    Good clutch, 5 speed, 22r carbed. New tires, not even 100 miles, since I was planning on driving it. The interior is nice, the carpet could be replaced.

    It's currently parked at my friend's house, so seeing/buying it will be when he is available. He does have the signed title with him.

    Make a decent offer, as I just dont want it to go to waste.

    It says my few pictures are too large to load, if you send me your number or email, I'll send what I have.

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