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May 21, 2017
Jan 30, 2007
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san diego
self employed auto repair and general customizatio

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Grand Toyotaholic, from san diego

Prowling the site... been busy look me up on Facebook if you guys need me or have questions... "SD Yota" Jul 27, 2016

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May 21, 2017
    1. familiesr4ever
      Can you send the pictures for that ball joint flip for 89-95 Toyota pickup. The pictures have disappeared.
    2. homer
      need your help sir , seems your the best of the best on working with tacoma how do you charge for ball joint flip? i lived in poway and can drive to your shop call or text me at 858-413-5797 thank you
    3. SD YOTA
      SD YOTA
      Prowling the site... been busy look me up on Facebook if you guys need me or have questions... "SD Yota"
    4. Crosaga
      Your write ups got me pointed in the rite direction. Thanks
      1. jblaust likes this.
    5. remme
      Interested in the 3.0 LT headers if they are still available. Was an old old old post. Thanks
      1. SD YOTA
        SD YOTA
        Sorry brother. They sold a while back when I first posted them.
        Mar 10, 2016
    6. jblaust
      Do you have any pics of your 15x9 setup?:clapping:
    7. I12164
      Just picked up Adrian's 87 truck . Just wondering if you know what I need to get it smog legal again. Thanks
    8. Tricky03
      How's it going? I've got a couple questions on running 15x10 wheels. I'm using 2" spindles and 3" lowered control arms and am not sure what backspacing I'll need to clear everything with. In the rear I'll use 3" lowered leafs and 4" blocks. Is there a scrub line issue there? Lastly, what size tires do you run? I've heard 205/50 15 is the best. Do you have any pictures of your truck with the 15x10's? If you could help me out that would be great! Thank you.
    9. BeamsHilux
      Seen your write up on the 84-89 sr5 cluster swap. Know any info on swapping an sr5 cluster for an 80 ? Mines a DLX and doesnt have a tach but I got one oit of an 81. And I also found the volt meter/oil pressure cluster but my harness doesnt seem to have the plugin
    10. 93TILinfinity
      I'm going poly bro lol couldn't resist. Got a sweet deal. Master kit for 126.00. Got my blocks and stops from beefed taco too so just waiting on that to complete the 3 inch front and back drop. I might have a few questions on the bj flip. Your write up was flawless but I'm a newb ha
    11. Chikn Hawk
      Chikn Hawk

      Was wondering if you have the whole schematics of converting your front end to -that 4-runner conversion. My frustration is the fitment of the 4-runner headlights into a 92 lux stock. Looking for the how-to without doing a core support. LMK
    12. 1937Coupe
      I know this is an old thread, do you have any details on the wheels that are on the red pickup in this thread? Thanks
    13. 0darkness9
      Brotha I was wondering if you would be available to help c notch my truck.
      Marlon 619 796 3393 Thank you inadvance
    14. 671 TX Toy
      671 TX Toy
      Looking for a of blue and tan map light mirrors if you have. Price shipped to 77380? Thanks. They're for two standard cab 86's! Info on hook-ups as well will be much appreciated. Also, if you have brown/tan dash because mine is all cracked. You can email me at [email protected] or text 832-326-0239. Thanks.
    15. DumpsterToy
      Makes sense haha. Just wante to be sure it looks good my dood! Take care
    16. DumpsterToy
      Man that motor looks clean!! Where u have the filter coming up on the top of the valve cover what did you put on the other end where that hose use to go?
    17. jerico
      do you know anyone who might be interested in 14" cragar wheels? i cant post on the classifieds yet. probably til i get so many posts i would assume to keep spammers from getting on here.
    18. jerico
      thanks man. i only need the front side markers right now. i havent looked at the rears yet. probably should. but im just trying to get my turn signals to work again.
    19. jerico
      do you know anyone with an extra set of side markers they want to get rid of? harness and all?
    20. SD YOTA
      SD YOTA
      thw window visors I got from ebay.... That wheels were 16x7 front and 16x8 rears. I ran 205/50 all the way around though id suggest running a 195 even a 185/50 if you can find em. They rubbed ever so slightly....
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    Home Page:
    san diego
    self employed auto repair and general customizatio
    2000 Toyota Tacoma 2wd
    Current Modifications:
    Too much shit to list, I'm lazy
    Future Modifications:
    V8 swap.
    local off-roader, new into the street scene. love my hobbies.

    off-roading, trails, dunes, r/c cars, wrenching on projects and hanging with my buddies


    Follow me and my LoLux @sdyota on instagram and sd yota on facebook!