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Discussion in 'Site news and updates' started by Jeff, Jan 4, 2009.

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    Hey everyone,

    As promised, I have been working very hard this weekend on some really cool updates/upgrades for the site. And I'm not quite done yet.

    So far, what I've done:
    - Some major updates to our forum software, vBulletin
    - Some major updates to our gallery software, PhotoPost
    - Added some new fun/useful smileys: :ROFL: :love: :waytogo: :verdict_in: :nana:
    - Added the User Map functionality where you can add an icon for yourself on the map and see where other ToyotaMinis members live around you
    - Added the vBGarage system, which allows you to create a profile for your truck and post modifications you've done to it.
    - Re-organized the forum topic areas a bit, after some good suggestions. Each Toyota truck generation now each has sub-topic areas (Engine/Driveline, Suspension/Chassis, etc.). Hopefully this will make it easier to find information you're looking for and figure out where to post a new thread.
    - Addition of a Tech Knowledgebase area on the forum where we'll organize technical write-ups and FAQs
    - Also, John (lownloud) is now a moderator and he'll be helping out to keep things organized - and to help keep me sane. :lol:

    What's left to do:
    - Complete the new graphics for the site and post the new look up
    - Work on a membership option with will give special recognition to members who want additional site features
    - Work on a vendor area where paying vendors can advertise their products and services for a reasonable yearly fee
    - Install the live chat system
    - Work out details on getting logo'ed merchandise and put up the TM Store where you can purchase these items

    I'd love to hear some feedback on what I've done so far and any further suggestions for the above items left to do. I'm really excited to be able to finally get these upgrades done. It's been a long time coming, but I think its all worth it. :headbang:

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