JDM-type Fender Mirrors, Delete Barn-Door Mirrors, Add Rear View Camera

Discussion in 'Exterior/Body' started by DAW, Jun 7, 2012.

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    That's pretty much it. Those door truck mirrors have to be air/spoiler brakes and besides, they stick out too far in parking lots. http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb237/DAW_cars/latespring1200011.jpg

    I got the mirrors on EBay (I've just placed them for demo photo in the gap between fender and hood). I'm just going to put stainless steel button-head bolts with nylok nuts in the holes left by the door mirrors, with some thin clear nylon washers.

    The EBay mirrors were nicely priced (look for Corolla mirrors, I think) and I can buy spares in advance of needing them.

    I will be improving the rear view once I delete the big door mirrors. I haven't thought yet about the real-time rear view camera, but I might just take a couple of cheap Goodwill compact cameras and mount them/rig them with a power supply to them. One camera for wide-angle for parking and back up; one for distance (zoom button?). It's good to have good resolution to see who's back there a ways out on the open road.

    Oh, BTW, I haven't actually looked in the fender mirrors yet to see if they work or the size of the blind spots; but I'm not pushing those huge door mirrors through the air, so I'll work out some alternative.
    I'll post an update when I get to it.

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