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    I'm looking for a bed cover for my 92 standard cab, regular bed.

    I would love a fiberglass cover, I think they look nice and look like they would keep the inside of the bed the cleanest. The only trouble is that I was told that snugtop is the only manufacturer that makes one for the 89-95. I was quoted like $1400. (Which is what I paid for the truck) so I'm not sure I can justify that expense right now, and I do occasionally haul stuff.
    There are some other manufactures that have part numbers listed that fit 95-04 Tacomas, and the dimensions listed match the pickup, does anyone know the differences that would make this not work? Would be great if I could pick up a used undercover hard tonneau.

    I was told a folding cover would be a good option, but for it to be secure, I would need a locking tailgate. Pop and Lock makes a locking handle that's listed for 98-15 Hilux (part# PL5050) that looks identical to the pickup handle. If I'm not mistaken the Hilux model was the same from 89-98, so I can't imagine what could be so different that it wouldn't work. Anybody have any experience with these?

    Third option is to learn how to build a cedar strip canoe and apply that craft to making a hard tonneau instead. I know people have done camper shells that way. Initial cost estimates, though are easily in the $600-800 range and it would probably take a lot of my summer to do it, assuming my woodworking/fiberglass skills are up to making it actually look good.

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