'83 N40 diesel

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    I may purchase the above in very rough shape. The motor is froze up due to oil pan being knocked out, lots of rust (from what I hear) but "everything is still there" (bumpers, bed, transmission, etc). I'm totally unfamiliar with these vehicles. Also of extremely low income. Since '87 I've owned/restored the Ford in the avatar. I would sell it as I no longer need the 4 WD & use that to purchase/restore the p/u. The bronk project was easy due to affordable/available parts & dozens of on-line forums. What can folks tell me abt this vehicle as a project?

    Is the "L" just an "20R" converted? Is there a 4 speed auto that can be backwards compliant? (Is it needed). Up grade frnt breaks to disc easily? A cap for the bed fit from the 1st yr. 4Runner? One available otherwise? You can probably get my idea of application & end goal. Just can't tell if parts R around. Buddy's 11 yr. newer ford truck has NOTHING (all obsolete) compared to my bronk. No aftermrkt support like mine, no forums, etc.

    Thanks ~ I consider U the experts.

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