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    I'm selling this 76' toyota Chinook in the San Francisco area. It is running but will need to be towed. Head gasket is blown. Tons of new parts. Its in great shape other than head gasket. I'm really bummed to let this go as this has been my project for years and have stuck so much into it much more than $1800 but I cant give any more time to it. I will sell it with every thing in it 1800 or reasonable offer .
    - perfectly working 38 weber carb
    -new starter
    -new wires/spark plugs/cap rotor/distributor
    -new clutch
    -new valves
    -1 wire gm alternator

    Transmission good
    Comes with------------
    -bose speaker
    -surf board
    -electrical system for the back connected to heavy alternator
    -pressure shower
    -stove/camping accessories
    -inflatable heavy duty kayak
    -Solar hookup (no solar panel)
    -cooking gear
    -storage space
    -total tool set up
    -and tons more...
    -Head gasket
    -Right brake light
    -heater core

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