1977 Pickup For Sale-DFW area

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    1977 Toyota truck (Hilux)
    Hi Everyone,
    First, Please forgive me if I’ve posted this in the wrong spot. Just let me know and I’ll fix immediately- Anyway
    Selling 1977 Longbed Pickup, I’m located in 75034 zip code (N. DFW area) -
    Clear Texas Title, Odometer shows 26xxx- Probably flipped once - i’m the 3rd owner as far back on public data As I can research etc... She’s a real good runner, and at 10 feet, she’s a head turner- and the great thing is that shes all original and has somehow been saved from the internet “engineers” and teenagers modifications . It had been sitting 1.5 years when I bought it off the adult son of the gentleman that had recently passed- so Its got a new carburetor, Oil change, Fuel Filter, M/T trans service (drain and fill), Rear Differential service, Front brake shoes and hardware, and an alignment.
    EVERYTHING WORKS; including wipers, emergency flashers, Fuel gauge, dash lights, turn signals, hi-lo beams, manual windows go up and down, heater (very hot), A/C is 2 down-60, Power Steering is manual, Radio...actually not sure ill check back in on that one tomorrow. But old yeller always gets a lot of attention at the gas station, or the store- ALWAYS getting stopped and asked about it or told some stories from them growing up and having one in the fam!
    As you guys already know, pricing is all over the place-I saw one sell for $8100. in 2019 on Bat.com, Ive seen ones for 3K-5K that would need an additional 3-5K jyst for the wife to let me park it in the driveway. I’ve seen ppl try on different sites for $18K
    Me? Im just looking for a win-win for both of us. I’m not having a fire sale or “giving the farm away” (not yet, lol)
    But, Lets be reasonable about what she is- 40 year old runner, No a/c and no p/s and no frills! However, They are getting harder to find wearing their original paint, not in someones half finished, craylon paint job, driving around for years in gray primer. Shes got the original books in the glove box, the original jack and tools mounted correctly to the passenger rear seat cab corner, It needs a new interior map light lens (missing) it needs sun visor rod end Holder clips (missing), But more than anything- It needs a new home... so let me know what you think for a fair price, I may agree, and I may not, but hey thats okay too.
    And if you’re in the 75034 area come drive it. Happy to go out for a spin with you, but just make sure to bring another person to drive your vehicle back... b/c I guarantee you’ll take her home.
    I only ask 3 things,
    A. Cash, no trades please

    B. Don’t pepper me for extra pics- Ill post plenty, but In my experience, the guys that want you to crawl under the truck and take pic of inside the exhaust pipe, or the muffler bearings, and you do it for them, You NEVER hear back, like not even a “thank you” or, I’m not interested thanks
    anyway...you know!

    C. If you don’t like my truck or maybe the price it sells for, or whatever else... Pls keep your comments private.

    thats all... sorry so long- There’s 10 minutes you’ll never get back

    P.S My file picture format is too large for upload... Please send me text @ (972)489-9269 , or Email me and Ill send you a photo dump of 1977 Yellow
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