1966 Stout RK41 disc brake conversion.

Discussion in 'Suspension/Chassis' started by Smalls858, Aug 8, 2022.

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    Aug 3, 2022
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    I’m trying to do a disc brake conversion on my 1966 Stout. I picked up some knuckles from a 1980 pickup. I’m looking to replace both the upper and lower ball joints, but I’m having problems finding the right upper ball joints that has the larger shank and the same stout bolt pattern. for the lower ball I believe I just need the 1980 one and I have to drill out the holes on the stout a little bit. I’m also woundering what the standard caster angle is on the Stout, the 75-78 Toyota pickup and the 79-83. From what I read the 79-83 have 1.5* negative caster, so when swap them side to side I’ll end up with 1.5* positive caster and do I even need to swap them sided to side if I’m reusing the stout steering arm? I also believe I need to pickup a 79-83 brake booster, master cylinder, and proportioning valve. Any help or insight would be awesome!

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