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Nov 5, 2018
Jun 28, 2009
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lodi ca

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Grand Toyotaholic, from lodi ca

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Nov 5, 2018
    1. 84loyota
      Hey man do you know what airshocks are used for front of 84 pickup
    2. AF Yota
      AF Yota
      Yea I used to live right around the corner from Tokay. How much do you have in your truck already? The tank and compressor look clean with the white paint job
    3. AF Yota
      AF Yota
      Never thought Id find someone from Lodi on this site. Just thought Id say "hi". I like how you solved you hood problem btw
    4. Hale On Wheels
      Hale On Wheels
      $450 + a set of stocks & tires?? i dont have any other wheels...tires are like new. and i still need to get ahold of branden and get the wheel key
    5. Hale On Wheels
      Hale On Wheels
      hey bro you still want those rims that shawn had on his 84 yota on bags? i have it now
    6. linhely
      mig is to hard of a weld you need to tig it. tig is soft and is easy to move. if you need to move it. you can stretch and shrink it easy.

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    7. lowest93
      well if you want my 4runner bumper drive to sac so we can see what yours looks like on my truck
    8. yota4life
      It's metal. Just a one piece 2wd. It's one of the FBIrides.com
    9. lowest93
      hey man you still have your fiber glass bumper, i have a 4runner bumper ill trade you let me know
    10. TheLoLux
      When I weld the roof. I used .035 welding wire and I welded 4 inch at a time, with the tig set at 50 amps. But be for you weld it you need to make sure that all the dent and worps are out. When you weld it it is going to worps. So take you time and stet ahead of it. All weld shrink there onthinh you cando to stop it just stretch it back up after you weld it. Just don't stretch it to much. I take time to get it down but once you do, you can move can of fast.
    11. yota4life
      Damn alright thnx tho man. On your roof did you run full beads?
    12. TheLoLux
      mig is to hard of a weld you need to tig it. tig is soft and is easy to move. if you need to move it. you can stretch and shrink it easy.
    13. yota4life
      I'm using mig
    14. TheLoLux
      are you using mig or tig?
    15. Kanaiaupuni
      thanks for the feedback on my post shave door kit dilemma
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    lodi ca
    1991 xcab 2wd 4cyl
    Current Modifications:
    so far ive lowered it a little bit. added a tag box in the tail gate smoothed some interior pieces and had a friend do some pinstriping. and a system. Got the back bagged and ass end all shaved
    Future Modifications:
    Finish bags an shavin what's left an 4runner front end completed
    im 19 nd i love building mini trucks. this is my second toyota mini ive owned and i plan on doing it

    building mini trucks


    EKSESSIV.. Cali chapter