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Dec 18, 2013
Jan 13, 2009
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La Mirada, CA

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Grand Toyotaholic, from La Mirada, CA

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Dec 18, 2013
    1. nvrenufedge
      Happy New Years to you!

      Stock sucks! She'll learn soon enough. Lol. A couple buddies that are in Relaxed Atmosphere are gonna be baggin my truck this spring. And I'm gonna shoot to get into that club. Speaking of that, I have only driven my truck twice in the last month and a half.

      Just spent a week in Morgantown, WV, currently in St Marys, OH and will be here for a week or so.
    2. nvrenufedge
      Yeah, I can't wait to see Bernie's running and in person.
    3. nvrenufedge
      Good to hear! Guess I gotta start coming on here more. Kinda slackin cause I've been so busy.

      I work for Sound Media of Idaho, we do audio/video for restaurants and other business's. We're currently working on 2 Buffalo Wild Wings, 1 in Morgantown, WV and 1 in St Marys, OH. Home for Christmas right now but leave again on the 29th.
    4. nvrenufedge
      Holy crap! What's up, man! Still got the truck, got some 18's on it now. Should have it bagged this spring.
    5. burnzya
      lol man i couldn't believe when i seen ya post in the bull****ting thread lol. hilux is almost a driver now a days lol
    6. 88Sandshark
      I got you, bro. good luck with everything.
    7. 88Sandshark
      Ouch... sorry to hear that. Have you decided on getting a single cab or xtra cab yet? you were a bit indecisive about it before. Or are you gonna try a truck in my year? You could go for an old school muscle car look like that.
    8. 88Sandshark
      Hey, I just read about the accident you were in... you alright? Ruby fixed by the other person's insurance yet?
    9. 88Sandshark
      Hey, thanks for the offer about the steering wheel, but you can sell it or trash it. I'd rather go custom. That's the main reason I went for the 2WD chrome grille, finally no more copycats here in Elsinore! lol
    10. 88Sandshark
    11. 88Sandshark
      Sounds like you got someone interested in that extra seperate bench of yours. He posted something about it earlier. Thanks for the offer on the steering wheel though, (I read that on my last day in class) but I'm gonna try to get a Grant 4-spoke, I don't think the Corolla one will work.
    12. Litneon
      I only run the spacers in the front, but effectively, the backspacing I chose for the rear takes up the space that the spacer would. In the front I ordered a 42mm offset wheel, in the rear I ordered a 20mm offset wheel, the difference between the two is (duh) 22mm almost the 25.4mm of the 1" spacer.

      So if you want the rears to sit flush like the fronts would, then yes you would have to run the spacers all around.

      And yes, after installing the spacers, the fenders have to be rolled so as not to rub. The rub was never very bad, but it did cause some minor cosmetic scrapes to the tread sidewall.
    13. PapaBear1013
      Thot u were going to bed?????:ROFL::ROFL::ROFL:
    14. burnzya
      i emailed, no response yet.
    15. FOKAI
      Nope the extracab is a couple inches bigger. You should be able to find your glass at any yard. Try Calmini.
    16. joeynational
      perfectly flush..doesnt stick out at all
    17. MacRib
      We lowered the truck by adjusting the torsion bars, removed the bump stops and put in lowered shocks. It doesn't ride too bad. The plan is to pick up some lowered control arms and adjust the torsions back up a little. The control arms will keep the front end down and the torsions will help the 18's from rubbing on the bigger bumps.
    18. 88Sandshark
      You alright dude? you've been logging in and out over and over. No longer mad.
    19. 94 king cab
      94 king cab
      i wish i had found this place when doing my conversion,our trucks resemble?what you think?
    20. nvrenufedge
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    La Mirada, CA
    90 Toyota Pickup 2wd standard cab
    Current Modifications:
    4wd fenders, 4runner grille, headlights, corners. 2wd chrome bumper, 20" rims
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    Too many to list
    Trucks, dirtbikes, tattoos