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Sep 30, 2014
Jul 30, 2009
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Apr 11, 1988 (Age: 36)
lynnwood, wa
pizza driver, bartender, side show antics

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Grand Toyotaholic, 36, from lynnwood, wa

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Sep 30, 2014
    1. Timmytaco
      Do you still have 79 parts?
    2. hiluxHI
      Read awhile back you had headlight rings stashed away. Looking for some for my 76. Any on hand, or ideas of where i could find some?
    3. EuroTrashh
      hey i want to swap new brakes and drop spindles on my january 1978 toyota hilux, 2wd longbed, I read that you put 1984 brakes on with drop spindles, can you school me and maybe some photos?
    4. bohibo
      hey i have a somewhat outlandish uestion for you but youre the man around here so i thought id ask, do you hae any idea at all where i could get ahold of a 78 hilux wiring harness, mine is just a mess. thanks in advance!
    5. standardbyker88
      I have always run 84-88 and 89-95 V6 stock replacements in aluminum for radiators. Same hose locations, few inches taller, 2 of the 4 bolt holes line up. The larger core and aluminum are drastically better than the old tiny brass ones the 75-83 trucks had
    6. Sharwk
      Whats up man. Do you have any idea what kind of radiator I can use for my 75 with a 20r?
    7. 9-zero-9
      Hi this is 9-zero-9 or just james...anyways like i was sayin i have 90 xcab w/22RE i thought i had loose rocker arm cause i was gettin that valve tappin sound.. Pulled valve cover i saw that the cam lobes for the # 3&4 exhuast valves were worn down about 1/4 in and look pretty burnt.. So i assume no oil was getting to those rockers... .super bummed. Cant Afford to buy parts cause my kids think they need to eat looking for some freebie help with whatever it gonna take to fix it..i suppose i need to replace the two rockers too?? If i put in a used cam should i use the rockers that were used with that cam.??? also how does cam get lubed??are there holes in rocker arms that provide oil?? Maybe the two rockers are clogged?? thanks for any help or advise u can give
    8. standardbyker88
      I've got lots of parts. PM me buddy.
    9. 89blaster89
      Hey you wouldn't happen to have any aftermarket wheels or bucket seats would you? Or really anything aftermarket? Thx
    10. tonypiff
      hey man. love your build.

      i lurk the board occasionally and never post, but i just noticed your username.

      do you ride bmx? 'cause i do...

      and you live in lynnwood? i live in portland now, but i spent my early boyhood all around the seattle suburbs, including two years in lynnwood.

      i drive a '70 hilux every single day. i love the low look, but i'm a keep-it-stock kinda guy. maybe i'll lower it a little bit one day, but in the meantime i just want to get ahead of its needs.

      you can see pics of it here: OLD PARKED CARS.: Tony's 1st Toyota: 1970 Hilux.. (oldparkedcars is the car-spotting blog i run with my brother.)

      (the turn signals are now in their proper location on the fenders, fyi.)

      anyway, just thought i'd get in touch. maybe i'll see you around some day.

    11. speede
      Hey bro i have a 78 i just got and i need some help lowering the front. Im new to the forums font really know how this works... Any pointers you can help me out with. Im doing it today! Should i change the shock to a shorter one?
    12. standardbyker88
      thanks. ive been around. should have the orange one driving by the weekend. lol
    13. IronNam
      Nice. glad you're alive man!
    14. standardbyker88
      lol i got away from everything for a while. truck broke and i lost interest on it for a while while i drove and fixed up my ramcharger. im getting a 79 for parts and a motor this weekend. ill probably have a post on here to strip it out and let people here have first dibs over craigslist.
    15. IronNam
      where the hell have you been?
    16. Chip Morton
      Chip Morton
      Hi Joe,
      Gotta question, in this thread
      you talked about doing a brake upgrade with the Supra calipers.
      I was wondering if you went through with it and how did it work out?

      I'd like to do the 12" dealio like the other guys but it just isn't quite in my budget. Plus, I have 15" rims and I don't think the 12" rotors would quite fit.

      Any info would be greatly appreciated!!

      Chip Morton
      [email protected]
    17. 78yoda
      wondering if a ball joint flip is possible on a 78??? thanks in advance
    18. !ynOt
      hey i was wonderin about droppin my truck like i knoe i can get drop blocks for the back, but wat do i do for the front end? haha my friend mentioned drop spindles but how i get my hands on some? haha
    19. sittingonframe
      hey this is nick with the white r6 and the 79 drift project, im going to try to post some more pics later but neways hit me back
    20. gh0stking
      couldnt find where they were looking for someone to make the logo decals. you know where its at?
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    Apr 11, 1988 (Age: 36)
    lynnwood, wa
    pizza driver, bartender, side show antics
    78 lolux and an 89 ramcharger
    Current Modifications:
    fairly stock body, big ass static, little motor work
    Future Modifications:
    notch the back, get it even with the front, wider steelies.
    i love me some scrapes haha


    Don't listen to me. I tell everyone to lower everything a little more :D
    My build thread