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Nov 18, 2009
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Addict, from Pearl City to Ewa Beach hawaii

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Jun 6, 2018
    1. NotAvailable
      No sorry bro. Everyoje I know isn't into the 4x4 body on our trucks anymore. Everyones tryna tuck big rims hnder small sheetmetal now. I let you know though!
    2. animoToY808
      What's up. Was wondering if you know somebody that would trade a Japan style 4x4 bed for a 2wd Japan bed???
    3. NotAvailable
      Made for the edelbrock carb 4 barrel. Stock carb will not handle turbo not enough cfms for the extra air being brought in by the turbo.
    4. dallas14j
      Hey with your carb hat is it for a stock carb?
    5. NotAvailable
      Hey bro never checked this in a while and I so sorry. But I got the vents off a 4runner on Craigslist. $20!!!!
    6. 94Yota_05CBR1K
      Just wondering where did you get your window vent from? Im thinking about getting the ones on ebay but I dont think they're as clean as the ones you have. Let me know. Peace.
    7. Toyota530
      hey i notice you deleted your project threat... how come??
    8. NotAvailable
      no i didnt i stuck with these because i figured out that the door poppers werent working because of my failure to up keep them..u must always shoot wd40 inside once in a while(3months or so) and it will keep them from freezing up and not opening. r u from hawaii too?
    9. Kanaiaupuni
      thankyou my buddah. so did you end up gettin the door actuator kit?
    10. NotAvailable
      sup bro dnt get me wrong they are legit but theres alot of pain involved and sometimes the poppers dnt even "pop" i had to break 3 windows already because of a failed popper but if u move the popper and push it up n down manually it will work after..i dont get it but maybe its just my poppers...i would look for a door actuator has 2 power door lock actuators in one so its pretty strong..i forget the site but try google planning on going that route later in the future....
    11. Kanaiaupuni
      thanks for the feedback on my shave door kit dilemma. how come i was leaning that way? thanks for the heads up i always see that kit in the minitruckin magzine i thought they were legit.
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    Pearl City to Ewa Beach hawaii
    90 single cab bagged and bodied


    1986 Toyota pickup Static Slammed
    1990 Toyota pickup Bagged & Bodied on 20's
    2002 Toyota 4runner Lifted FabTech (Str8 axle soon)