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  1. Aaron Parke
  2. tukom
    The Equipment Uber Drivers Need For $115.40 or thereabout you can get your own car kitted up with the basic essentials for an Uber driver
  3. Toyonock
  4. Dinoshonuff
    Wrenching Away.
  5. Thomas Ream
    Thomas Ream
    Hello! I am a lover if functional obsolescence and am about to buy a 1987 2wd truck. Just looking for info on repairs and upkeep.
  6. xdxxm
    anyone know where i can find a RHD dash for a 1984 pickup??
  7. uberkit30
    Carchex offer Uber drivers “Protect My Uber” plan. For Extended Warranty Programs for your Uber vehicle.
  8. Dan Crick
    Dan Crick turboefi
    Hello ,
    I need to restore my Toyota turbo efi side pillar badges . Do you have ant tips or contacts for these?
    Thanks, Dan
  9. Ryan Haraughty
    Ryan Haraughty
    1978 toyota pickup Lowering springs where to get them and how much
  10. Ryan Haraughty
    Ryan Haraughty
    1978 toyota hilux
  11. 91_yota
    Currently waiting for my 91 yota to come out of the paint shop. I will be writing a post about everything that has been done to the truck.
  12. xdxxm
    I have An 84 toyota pickup with an 87 brake master with close to no brake pedal when i press down on it. How can i fix this?
  13. Weekendwarrior
  14. Rhys Hartigan
    Rhys Hartigan whysmee
    Hey Whysmee, Rhys here. Im a Australian living in Japan. I've recently purchased a stout and have had some questions that the locals up here on the island of Hokkaido are scared to answer. Anyhow, I've found toyotaminis and have been reading your input. If your still about. I was wondering if it was ok if I asked you a few questions as it seems you have loads of knowledge and experience here. Appreciate it. Rhys
  15. Chris Tschiffely
  16. Chris Tschiffely
    Chris Tschiffely
    Just thinking...
  17. phlpdvs
    new here
  18. Aaron Parke
    Aaron Parke
    Hey guys, I’m having much difficulty trying to find rear drums for my 1977 rn25 can any one help me here?
    1. _Rigo_
      _Rigo_ should help
      Apr 24, 2018
    2. Aaron Parke
      Aaron Parke
      Thanks Rigo!
      Apr 25, 2018
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    3. Aaron Parke
      Aaron Parke
      Found some drums!
      May 8, 2018
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  19. Aaron Parke
    Aaron Parke
    Hey, new here, I just brought a 77 Hilux, just took it for a roadworthy haha yeah I’ve got a shopping list
  20. chinook
    chinook Jeff
    no idea how this works. .. looking for an oil pan, '75 20r hilux. ideas?