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  1. Pedro bautista
    Pedro bautista Justin Danger
    Hey Justin, im from san jose and i have a 1991 toyota pickup rwd that i want to lower with coilovers but im having trouble finding some... what do you recommend I do?
  2. Cheynne Johnson
    Cheynne Johnson
    I need help because I’m stuck on Wire for my 87 pick up 22r 2WD Adamatic to swap it to a Toyota 3.4L
  3. Raymond Fast
    Raymond Fast
    1982 Toyota Pickup; 2001 Toyota MR2 Spyder, 1986 Toyota MR2 (retirement project in waiting)
  4. lusitron
    I got projects forever...
  5. macawilial
    macawilial max madrid
    Hi Max, It's nice to see another RN10 locally around. I live in Temecula now. If you have any spare parts for sale or need any other parts, let me know.
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  6. Trout_the_Scout
    1977 from a farm 7 hrs south of Sydney
  7. Danica
    Danica ace89
    How much for your EFI rims please?
  8. Mariobro
    My love my Truck
  9. Amendiola
    Amendiola ace89
    You have pictures of it
  10. 94yotojason
    Need a wiring diagram to put a 6al msd box on my 22re i called msd stayed on the phone for 3 hours and they're no help at all
  11. Justin Danger
    Justin Danger
    Tracking down fuel issues
  12. Amendiola
    Amendiola Boosted_Variant
    Are your wheels still available
  13. Amendiola
    Amendiola ace89
    Are you selling efi rims ?
    1. ace89
      For the right price... fully polished make offer
      May 11, 2020
  14. Amendiola
    Amendiola guahan671
    Do you have wheels for sale
  15. YotaNation
    I love what you do for me, Toyota!
  16. Jarrod
    Workin (laaaame)
  17. Ned Long
    Ned Long SJrat666
    On Dec10, 2015, you wrote
    2. 22r distributor with the GM ignition conversion. some dude said it adds performance. i like that its cheap as poop but also it seems like it leads into some weird problem like the modules failing cause of heat and yeah.
    Did this come from "The 13th Sword"? I wonder how long this setup lasts?
  18. RobScott
  19. brandon 90 yota
    brandon 90 yota
    Hey Yall swappin a 5.3l ls in my what started life as a 1990 base model toyota pickup.
  20. MayhemJames