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  1. Justin Danger
    Justin Danger austin mckee
  2. austin mckee
    austin mckee
    ‘85! Yota pickup 22ret (turbo) (Currently with out turbo, Oof) fixing it up and looking for suggestions
  3. Learn2turn
    Loud, Low and Lovin' it
  4. Hawn702
    I had two 87 toyota pick up standard cab
  5. 74RN22
    74RN22 jetas
  6. iluvmytruck
    My truck is older than I am, and I love it.
  7. Ivan76
    Sup, I'm new to the forum.
  8. tomas
  9. GreyMax
    Old Name Was Evol Motorsports.
  10. Pearce
    letting the smoke out
  11. stabfab
  12. stabfab
    Just a Yota lovin' mofo.
  13. mprtftr
    mprtftr Litneon
    I was just wondering if you worked on other people's trucks. I looked through your build thread and you do incredible work. I have a 94 and would love to have it bagged. I live in Virginia but am willing to deliver my truck to you in Florida. If you would consider doing the work, please let me know what you would charge and when a good time for you would be. I'm not in any hurry as the truck has sat for a while now.
  14. MiniTruckTommy
    I'm back and still rolling the 86 2.4D Hilux. Fill free to ask any questions
  15. jonathan lee
    jonathan lee
    Finally starting to get things together for my build
  16. garagedoorman
    Checking in :)
  17. Justin Danger
    Justin Danger
    Glad to see TM back up and running
  18. Biggja22
    Looking for a new build
  19. Randy 20r
    Randy 20r
    Hey everyone
  20. Madams
    Keeping it real.