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  1. mprtftr
    mprtftr Litneon
    I was just wondering if you worked on other people's trucks. I looked through your build thread and you do incredible work. I have a 94 and would love to have it bagged. I live in Virginia but am willing to deliver my truck to you in Florida. If you would consider doing the work, please let me know what you would charge and when a good time for you would be. I'm not in any hurry as the truck has sat for a while now.
  2. MiniTruckTommy
    I'm back and still rolling the 86 2.4D Hilux. Fill free to ask any questions
  3. jonathan lee
    jonathan lee
    Finally starting to get things together for my build
  4. garagedoorman
    Checking in :)
  5. Justin Danger
    Justin Danger
    Glad to see TM back up and running
  6. Biggja22
    Looking for a new build
  7. Randy 20r
    Randy 20r
    Hey everyone
  8. Madams
    Keeping it real.
  9. Aaron Parke
    Aaron Parke
    Nearly finished
  10. Fupa
    20r/22r hybrid 83 shortbed
  11. Toy-yoda
    Toy-yoda TheLoLux
    I’m from the San Fernando valley, read on a forum that you notch trucks? I see you haven’t been on here, so if you have Instagram mine is toyt_pu89. If you still do notch trucks I’m interested ! Thanks
  12. Limu
    Looking for help with electrical
  13. rick
    rick davidg1228
    bro can you please reply to me i have an 83 toyota pick up and want to put a tow hitch on it. Iv'e seen your truck i got the part number and of course every dealer is telling me it wont fit i just need a little reassurance. i also wanted to know how it was working for you...please help me iv'e been loosing my mind trying to find a hitch that will fit i also see that you may have one for sale that may fit my truck
  14. christi
    christi lawdog
    We just got the links to work. sorry it has taken so long
  15. Bronson
  16. aussu
  17. JesseJames
    Loving my 94 trying to learn
  18. Gaston Martin
    Gaston Martin
    89 bagged toyota pickup
  19. Aaron Parke
    Aaron Parke
    Nearly finished
  20. tukom
    The Equipment Uber Drivers Need For $115.40 or thereabout you can get your own car kitted up with the basic essentials for an Uber driver